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Why Per Diem?

  • Respond to staffing shortages.

    • Healthcare is a very people-centered industry. The patients who arrive every day require the services of trained professionals. Because the industry is so focused on the people who provide these services, it is difficult for team members to fill the gap when one person is missing. Per Diem nurses offer healthcare facilities the flexibility they need to cover for vacations, maternity leave or sick leave without sacrificing the care they provide their patients.

  • Additional staff when needed.

    • Some things simply can’t be planned for. If a healthcare facility is located in an area hit by a flu epidemic, natural disaster or other tragedy, the demands of the public may exceed what the hospital’s existing staff can handle. Per Diem nurses offer healthcare facilities the ability to increase their staff in times of need.

  • Fill gaps between hires.

    • Employees resign from their posts and move on in healthcare just as they do in other industries. When nurses leave a particular healthcare facility, Per Diem nurses allow the hospital to fill the vacancy until a new, permanent hire can be made.

  • Money-saving flexibility.

    • The greatest advantage Per Diem nurses provide healthcare facilities is flexibility. By using a collection of Per Diem nurses, facilities can guard against over staffing and control costs without sacrificing patient care.

We'll find the right fit for you.

  • With over 30 years of experience, we know what your looking for in a candidate. We'll work with you to find the perfect fit .

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